Saint John Cuff

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Quote inside:  Where I was born, where I was raised, where I keep all of my yesterdays

I had a wonderful time collaborating with Teresa on this piece!

Teresa grew up making trophies in my family sports store, I always dreamed of a more creative way to work with the materials and skills I had learned along the way. Playing with remnant pieces of metal, I started wrapping and bending them in different ways and our first statement cuff was made. 

Instilled at a young age was an awareness that true worth and beauty are found within. With this foundation; the mantras, encouraging reminders and inspirational quotes were added to the jewelry.  Each cuff contains an inspiration quote.

A portion of each purchase is donated to women's charities. Current support is to RETHINK Breast Cancer.

Printed with a permanent dye which gives a nice vibrant and resilient finish.

Made of aluminum the cuffs are hypo-allergenic and nickel free, with no toxic finishes.
These bracelets are light weight and slightly bendable allowing them to be molded to fit most sizes.

Hand crafted, upcycled, inspiring, Canadian <3